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About Faculty

The beginning of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering was the Section of Land Improvement attached to the Faculty of Agriculture. The section was established in the academic year 1946/47 on the initiative of Prof. Stanisław Turczynowicz. The section was transformed in 1948/49 into the Department of Land Reclamation and then – at first, in 1950/51 into the Faculty of Land Agricultural Improvement and in 1954/55 – Faculty of Land Reclamation. With that name, the Faculty existed till the academic year 1989/90, when transformed into the Faculty of Land Improvement and Environmental Engineering. Ultimately, it changed the name into the current one in 2000. For many years the Faculty had coped with enormous room difficulties. Lectures and classes for students were being held in halls localized in various points of Warsaw. Only in 1971 the Faculty moved to the new building at Nowoursynowska St. There are properly prepared lecture halls in the building as well as the didactic and scientific laboratories, equipped with the modern research devices. Since October 2003 the Faculty has obtained the possibility to hold classes in the newly built, perfectly equipped building in the immediate neighborhood of the Faculty site.

The organization of the Faculty has been being improved for the whole period of its existence. On the beginning, its structure consisted of institutes, then – departments. In 2008, the four departments were established, which represent a wide range of scientific-research and didactic interests. During the period of the existence of the Faculty, it is possible to distinguish the periods differing from each other with the time of studies and with the course of education. Basing on the obtained experiences, the education curriculum was being continuously improved. Since the academic year 2003/04 the Faculty – like the entire University – has changed the education system at two-staged one, according to the Bologna Declaration. It required to work out a new, currently binding education curriculum. The studies comply with the binding education standards, approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Taking into consideration frequent changes of the education standards, the curricula contained in the guide may be subject to small changes being introduced by the Faculty Board in the course of an academic year. Both courses – Building Constructions and Environmental Engineering – were given accreditation and obtained the positive note from the State Accreditation Committee (the first course in 2004, the second one in 2007). The Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Science is entitled to confer the Doctor and Associate Professor titles in agricultural sciences [as well as the Doctor title in technical sciences], what enables to educate its own didactic and scientific staff.

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