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Vita mortuorum in memoria vivorum est posita. (Cyceron)



Prof. dr hab. dr h.c. Czesław Somorowski (1930 -2004)


Born in 1930 in Bukiszki near Vilnius. Studied at the Faculty of Land Improvement of WULS. Since 1950 had worked in the Department of Land and Forest Improvement of WULS. Advanced subsequently, starting from assistant lecturer. In 1972 obtained a title of docent (associate professor) and was appointed to the position of a director of the Institute of Land Improvement and Grasslands (IMUZ). Since 1983 had returned to the full-time work at WULS. In the years 1986-1999 was the director of the Department of Environmental Improvement. Since 1991 had been full professor. In his scientific lifetime achievement, the comprehensive issues of water management for needs of agriculture dominate – with some focused topics connected to land improvement problems being on the meeting of various scientific branches as pedology and hydrology as well as land improvement techniques and elements of theory of systems and exploitation. To these topics, one can rate the following: hydrology of soil profiles, water budget of agriculturally used river basins, water consumption of cultivable plants, concept of water-economic system, design and exploitation of microirrigation systems, evaluation of hydrological issues and trends of water management on agricultural areas from the point of view of their sustained development. The achievement of Prof. Czesław Somorowski comprises 135 publications. Prof. Czesław Somorowski was the scientific editor of the monographs which charted new tasks for the entire branch of land improvement. The didactic achievement of Prof. Somorowski comprises the lectures in hydrological land improvement and environmental improvement at the three faculties of WULS and at the Białystok University of Technology as well as in the Main Centre of Personnel Training of IMUZ and in Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). Prof. Somorowski was also the author of course books and practical companions as well as the supervisor of four doctors and the adviser of some postdoctoral theses. Since 1975 had been also an active member of the Water Economy Committee of PAN as well as some scientific and technical-scientific councils of scientific and research-scientific institutes, program councils of scientific and technical-scientific journals. In the years 1984-1990 leaded the Committee of Land Improvement and Agricultural Environment Improvement of PAN. The Prof. Somorowski’s activity was repeatedly awarded and rewarded. He obtained among others: the Officer’s Cross of Order of Polonia Restituta, Medal of Commission of National Education, Gold and Silver Badge “Person of Merit in Land Protection and Water Economy”, Badge “Agricultural Worker of Merit”, as well as the awards: of 5th Section of PAN, of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, of Agriculture and Food Economy as well as of the President of WULS.

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