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Restoration and management of environment – M.Sc. Studies of Environmental Protection

Restoration and management of environment – M.Sc. Studies of Environmental Protection


Mission of Studies

The Restoration and management of environment (RME) aims at providing students with comprehensive and interdisciplinary environmental knowledge presented by the best specialists from a range of scientific areas. Studies are focused on both technical and ecological aspects of the environment, emphasizing the role of human in shaping sustainable landscapes and ecosystems.

Aim of studies

RME has been established to provide its students with (1) understanding biological processes, (2) knowledge legal aspects and management rules of environmental protection, and (3) a range of tools for future specialists who could cope with the challenge of managing good quality environment and to restore various ecosystems across scales.

Detailed programme of studies

The programme is divided into three semesters. It consists of lectures, seminars, labworks and field research. The detailed list of subjects is as follows:

  1. First year: Mathematics and statistics, Food in Culture and Society, Tourism in protected areas, Ecotoxicology, Landscape planning by ecological methods, Hydrogenic soils, Plant adaptation to environmental stresses, Integrated water resources management and restoration, Elective (Contemporary challenges in wetlands restoration or Integrated floodplain protection) or Foreign language, Environmental policy, Ecological bases of nature conservation, Processes of decision support, ,Spatial planning, Risk analysis, Soil biology, Ecological infrastructure in agricultural landscapes, Restoration to ecosystems of wild medicinal plants, Land and water conservation, Ecological engineering for environmental protection, Soil hazard pollution and protection, Hydrological modeling with GIS Case study of environmental protection – part I,
  2. Second Year: Environmental processes modeling, Faunal research or River Ecological Surveys, ,Case study of environmental protection – part II, Diploma seminar, M.Sc. dissertation.


Bachelor degree or equivalent in Environmental Sciences, Biology or Agriculture. Confirmed command of English.

Duration: three semesters; Start: 22nd February 2018


Application deadline: 28th of January, 2018

Number of the places available: 15 to 17.

Tuition fee: 8 200 PLN per one academic year



Dr Arkadiusz Przybysz, tel.: (+48) 22 59 320 97, e-mail:;

Dr hab. Paweł Oglęcki ; tel. : (+48) 607 225 990, e-mail:

Restoration and Management of Environment program study 2017_12_20


MSc thesis regulations

The master thesis topic choice form


Schedule of 1st year

Schedule of 2nd year

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